Morning Coffee with Harmeek Singh, Founder of Plan B Group

Lindsay Judge   |   02-04-2019

Business owner Harmeek Singh launched his advertising, production and events company Plan B in 2004, building it up from a small family business to what is now an international corporation present in The Middle East, Europe, India and Russia.



As well as being the founder and owner of the Plan B Group, Singh has many roles. He is Strategy and Marketing Director of the UAE Athletics Federation as well as more recently becoming  the Chairman of Dubai Women’s Run and Women of Substance – something we were very keen to talk to him about when we met for morning coffee.



Here Singh shares with us his vision for Dubai Women’s Run and the Women of Substance platform, as well as advice and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Five things we learnt from talking to Harmeek Singh:

His mornings have no routine. Singh tells us;

“My Morning routine is very different from others it’s not planned at all. Coming from an industry which is not planned at all, my morning sometimes begins in the morning or my night ends in the morning! So it’s a different routine.”


Dubai Women’s run is the biggest sporting event for women in the region.

Harmeek explains. “I was very keen on growing it into more than just a run, more than just one day that people come together.” He is encouraging participants in the run to come together as a community and support each other.


He thinks the word ‘empowerment’ is overused;

“Empowerment is something that is used and abused a lot, and a lot of the time people use  the term but  they don’t even know what they’re talking about.” Singh says.


He’s helping to create a platform where women can share their knowledge in the form of Women of Substance:

“We created a platform where women who have achieved and been successful, who have made it, who have been fighters and we created a platform where they can share their knowledge. So women to connect with other women.”


He never wants to retire. He told us:

“People talk about their retirement. I actually don’t want to retire because I think like water, if it gets stagnated it’s not fresh. I like to move like water and water is a sign of life. So till the time that I am I don’t want to retire, I want to have something I’m passionate about.”


Watch Harmeek Singh’s full interview here:





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