We Tried THT Salon’s Amazon Coconut Keratin Hair Treatment And Here Are The Results

Hayley Kadrou   |   09-07-2019

As THT opens up in JLT, we head to the salon centred around vegan and sustainable beauty products to see how the smoothing treatment measures up.


As soon as we step into THT (which stands for That Hair Tho) we feel both warm and welcome in the quirky salon located in JLT.  The colourful prints mounted on the wall, the inspirational quotes written onto chalkboards and the stacks of Play Doh and numerous My Little Pony figures by the chairs set the tone for the friendly, community salon. This is topped off with a personalised welcome messaged jotted onto the mirror when we go to take our seat.


On this occasion, we book in to try THT’s hair smoothing treatment – what you might more commonly know as a Brazilian blowout or a keratin treatment. But the options at THT – a salon that holds cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable beauty at its core – take a different approach.


THT’s offering is a coconut smoothing treatment that is enriched with organic coconut oil and stem cells as well as other natural ingredients that work together to infuse the hair strands with a purpose to smooth, protect and repair. It’s particularly recommended for unruly, curly, frizzy and/or damaged hair, yet most hair types can benefit from its conditioning and straightening powers.


The before and after results of THT's Amazon Coconut Keratin Hair Treatment

The before and after results of THT’s Amazon Coconut Keratin Hair Treatment


After refreshing our colour with a few highlights across the parting (it’s best to have any colour applied before undergoing the smoothing treatment) the process begins. After a shampoo, the product is applied onto strands, using a hairdryer then straightening irons to bond the formula into the hair.  The process is slightly timely and the aroma from the treatment (which is completely safe) strong, but overall it’s perfectly pleasant to sit through.


Once the process is finished (after a little snip the even out the ends, that is) we glance at the result: never has our hair looked so sleek, smooth, healthy and straight – light literally is bouncing off it. We’re pleased, but it’s not the final results just yet.


THT salon in JLT

THT salon in JLT


Although advised just to wait 24 hours before washing our hair, we wait two days before we dare get under the shower head, ensuring to switch out our regular shampoo and conditioner for a sulphate free alternative to protect the treatment. As requested, the finished result after letting our hair dry naturally (which happened much quicker than usual) was a loose, beachy wave, and we’re impressed. Without taking all the shape and volume out of our naturally curly tresses, our hair is much more relaxed, hydrated, smooth and manageable.


However, the best result occurs after the second wash which both removes any residue completely to ensure hair isn’t weighed down and shows off the tamed finished results.


THT opened in JLT earlier in 2019

THT opened in JLT earlier in 2019


Lasting for approximately five months (depending on the frequency of hair washing and the products used) the treatment is a saviour over the extreme summer.


To find out more about the treatment, visit thtworld.me.


Head to thtworld.me to find out more about the treatment

Head to thtworld.me to find out more about the treatment



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